Exposure for Anxiety Disorders
We offer exposure therapy for anxiety disorders, which include: panic disorder, OCD, social phobia, specific phobias, and generalized anxiety. Treatment targets internal and external components of anxiety by reducing avoidance and changing behaviors. 

Prolonged Exposure for Trauma
Charese can provide prolonged exposure and response prevention therapy, an evidence based treatment for all forms of PTSD.  The research shows that of those who participate in prolonged exposure, 60% have a reduction in symptoms (i.e., hypervigilance, avoidance, irritability, intrusive thoughts and flashbacks); 40% no longer meet criteria for PTSD. This therapy targets thoughts, emotions, and behaviors related to trauma(s) in a safe and validating environment.

Behavioral Activation for Depression
This treatment is a systematic approach to target and reduce symptoms of depression (inactivity, isolation, apathy, loss of pleasure, hopelessness). Behavioral activation has been shown to be beneficial for people who struggle with severe, chronic depression, where other treatments such as CBT and medication have been insufficient.

Parenting and Pregnancy
Alisa can provide a therapeutic relationship that supports parenting infants and young children through a behavioral and attachment lens. The goal is to help parents manage issues related to anxiety, depression and other intense feelings while increasing awareness, understanding and joy in child’s development.