Mindfulness for Chronic Pain
This 6-week class, led by Jill, will introduce a variety of skillful ways to work and live with the constant assault of chronic pain. We will practice and examine the reasoning behind why the body, heart and mind react and respond to pain in the ways that they do, what we can control and what we have choices about.  Please email Jill for inquiries at jill@vajrayoga.com

Our tools are comprised of:

  • Mindfulness to relax, stabilize and ease the mind that fears and reacts to pain
  • Skillful ways to work with strong emotions and soothe sadness and grief
  • Visualizations to facilitate relaxation in the body and mind
  • Breathing practices to calm the body, nervous system and mind
  • Embodied practices such as yoga therapy to gently stretch areas of pain

Jill Satterfield lived in chronic pain for over 13 years. By practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga therapy she was able to navigate and eventually change the pain from chronic to intermittent to rarely occurring. Jill teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and in UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center’s trainings. She has been practicing and teaching for over 30 years, and was called ‘one of the 4 best Buddhist and yoga teachers in the country’ by Shambhala Sun Magazine. Please go to: www.vajrayoga.com for more information.