Alisa Birgy
Alisa is a licensed MFT and has worked in mental health for over 15 years.  She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Michigan and a master's in psychology from the University of San Francisco. Alisa has been a private practice DBT therapist for 2 years and intensively trained through Behavioral Tech. Prior to private practice, Alisa was the program director of a residential mental health program for mothers with psychiatric disorders and their children in San Francisco for 12 years. Alisa has an expertise in pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting with mental health issues as well as experience working with women with addiction and PTSD related symptoms.  She is trained in a dyadic, child-parent therapy for families exposed to trauma, created by Alicia Lieberman, PhD and experienced in attachment-focused parenting. Alisa has a young child and lives in Oakland.


Charese Allen
Charese is a licensed Clinical Social Worker  (LCSW) who has worked in the mental health field since 2003 in various settings including Langley Porter at UCSF, University of Washington in Seattle, and Kaiser Permanente in Richmond. She obtained both her undergraduate degree in psychology and her Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington in Seattle.   During her time at the University of Washington, Charese had the unique opportunity to work with Marsha Linehan, the developer of DBT, as a research assistant and clinical assessor on multiple studies on the efficacy of DBT.  Charese received her training as both a skills trainer and an individual DBT therapist during her one year internship at a juvenile prison. In addition, to DBT, Charese has been trained in Exposure Therapy including Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention.


Meredith Meyer
Meredith is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who specializes in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Meredith received her undergraduate degree from the University of San Francisco and her graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of San Diego. Meredith received her training as both a skills trainer and an individual DBT therapist while working on an adherent, comprehensive DBT team at the DBT Center of San Diego, for five years, before moving to Northern California and starting her own practice. Meredith has also completed intensive and adjunct trainings through Behavioral Tech, refining her expertise in DBT and the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). In addition to DBT, Meredith is trained in Exposure Therapy including Prolonged Exposure (PE), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). In addition to working with individuals, Meredith has experience working with couples and families.


Hannah Raiden-Wright
Hannah Raiden-Wright, LCSW, MPH is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience working in mental health, medical, and substance abuse settings. Hannah completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Oregon and received her MSW and MPH degrees at the University of California at Berkeley. Hannah has completed DBT foundational training as well as the Postpartum Support International certificate training course. She also has significant experience working in hospitals, assisting patients and families to navigate the crisis and stressors of an unexpected hospitalization and medical complications. Hannah works with adults throughout the lifespan and has specialized knowledge and skills supporting new parents, parents experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and parents of children with special needs or who are experiencing medical crises. Hannah highly values the non-judgmental approach of DBT, with its fusion of acceptance and change techniques. Hannah has found the skills and mindfulness practice of DBT to be life changing for her clients, as well for herself on a personal level as the mother of a teen and young adult.


Jill Satterfield
Jill Satterfield is the founder of Vajra Yoga + Meditation, a synthesis of meditation and yoga, contemplative psychology and compassion in action practices. She was named “one of the 4 leading yoga and Buddhist teachers in the country” by the Shambhala Sun Magazine. She is also the founder and Director of the School for Compassionate Action: Meditation, Yoga and Educational Support for Communities in Need.
As a pioneer in the field of integrative mind body practices, Jill has been teaching internationally, consulting and instigating mindful, creative and socially engaged educational programs for over 30 years. Her trainings, workshops and speaking engagements are at home, in hospitals, addictions centers, trauma facilities, at risk youth programs, yoga centers and on silent meditation retreats.
Jill is one of the founding faculty of Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Mindful Yoga and Meditation Training and is guest faculty at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center. She was the scholar and teacher in residence at the Kripalu Center has been a consultant to leading organizations and corporations around the country. Jill has been featured in the New York Times, More, Crains, Yoga Journal, Tricycle, Yoga Magazine UK and NL and Happinez Magazine NL amongst others.

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